Are you interested in booking Karen as a speaker for your next event? Are you a leader struggling with particular challenges and would like the insight of a coach and consultant who want to help you see how you can overcome personal, professional, and organizational challenges to be the best version of yourself? Feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of this page.
Read what others are saying about Karen and her work…
“Karen is a detailed and influential leader, able to exceed expectations on objectives personally as well as teaming with others to reach vision goals. She brings the highest of personal integrity into every setting and inspires trust in both those she works with and those she works for.”
~David B.~
“Karen is a person of compassion, insight, and integrity. She has a passion for the church, cares deeply for people, and persistently pursues learning and growing in her journey. Her insight and counsel has proven again and again to be wise, understandable, and applicable. Her interpersonal communication skills are superb and she is also an outstanding speaker. When she has spoken at my organization, she is very well received because her
messages encourage, challenge and inspire.”
~Merv B.~
Karen came to our group in the roll of a consultant/coach.  Her presence with us was instrumental in helping us resolve a difficult personnel issues.  She brought a high level of expertise to the process and is grounded and mature.  Her ability to identify and work with core issues makes her work focused and effective and she courageously confronts and deals with contentious situations, speaking the truth with gentleness and love. Karen helped our overwhelmed and discouraged group focus as we tackled the difficult task at hand.  She also led the way in helping us to accept and love even the persons who were at the center of the tempest.  I grew through my association with Karen.  She was a true gift to me during this difficult time in my work.I am sure that others who have the privilege of working with Karen will experience the same thing.  
 ~Gayle P.~
 Karen has an insight into life, its problems and its excellence, that I find to be very helpful. Her suggestions about how to relate to people are practical and demonstrate her expertise. 
~John S.~
“Karen was very well received by the organization. I was also with Karen in a peer group and always found her to be pleasant, insightful and a clear and effective communicator.”
~Larry P.~
“Karen has blessed my organization through her speaking, consulting, and most profoundly through the friendship we share. I will continue to benefit
from her wisdom”
~Tom T.~
I have appreciated Karen’s energy and passion.   She has studied and become knowledgeable about human dynamics and process.     
~Daniel H.~
 I am impressed with her wisdom (beyond her years) and the diversity of her abilities.  She is very compassionate and knowledgeable and can spot relational issues and uses her expertise to resolve or give expert advice. She works well with groups of people as well as individuals. As she worked with our organization, she was clear thinking, unbiased and encouraging.  Karen exudes professionalism. She certainly has been an inspiration to me. 
~Rae S.~
 Karen has made a deep impact in my life and I am blessed to call her a mentor. Her speaking engages my heart in a deeper way. She has taught, with the gift of clear communication, and most importantly, shown me that we are not only loved but useable in this world. Karen presents things in a very clear fashion that is remarkably relatable to people’s journeys and lives. She is consistently willing to mentor and care for others.  I have witnessed firsthand her work ethic, her love for people, and her gifts and calling.
~Patrice R.~
Karen is a writer of uncommon insight and wisdom. She writes with honesty, courage, and vulnerability. She truly does help us to see the sacred in the ordinary.
~Richard L.~

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