Why I Left

August 10, 2018

I haven’t written in a minute. A lotta minutes.

And yet every month, or maybe more than once a month, someone in my current circles- either in real life or social media- says “When will you write your book?” “When will you write again on your blog?” “I always loved reading what you write.”

I tell you this not because I need more ego strokes… forget it, let’s just be honest, I totally do. And so do you. Everyone stop and stroke some egos for a minute… that’s right… all good? Ok then, on we go.

To be completely real, however, I left writing for multiple reasons. Some of them are not clear enough to have words; they only exist in feelings right now. But I have managed to find a handful of words for some of the reasons- both good and bad- why I quit a couple years ago. Allow me to divulge:
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