Thank You

March 15, 2015

We have walked this road with our son for nearly 17 months. Not a week goes by that we haven’t been given the gift of someone who asks, who prays, who helps. Not only do we have this group of doctors and therapists who are all trying to help our son recover, but we have this large group that loves us, cares about us, asks about us, and support us.

When Ian was diagnosed with yet another gut infection and our doctor said we should try to see a specialist he recommends who works on hard cases like ours, we were distraught. So tired. So weary. So ready for this path to end and a new one to begin. And we had spent all our money. We did not have any funds available to add in a new doctor who required travel and wasn’t going to take our insurance and would be very costly. But doing nothing is unfathomable to this mama’s heart and head. And so we prayed.

And then we approached someone, asking for a loan. 

And they said, “No.”

Which shocked us and threw us into a place of confusion and despair and rejection. How in the world would we afford our son’s care? What if we had to stop here and do nothing?

But then something happened. God took that “no” and had my brilliant sister-in-law and a new friend (whom I have yet to meet in person) both ask if we could put together a fund so they could contribute. God took that rejection and caused a whole community of folks press in, take up the challenge, and together make a clear statement that there are indeed people in the world, people our lives, who care.

You came through.

On this long journey, I have called multiple times and our community from around the world has come through with thoughts and prayers and love. This time, your love took form. Your love turned into dollars.  God took our overwhelming feelings of despair and made clear that wherever we have walked in our adult lives, we have been given the gift of friends. We have walked among giants who live simple lives, but are ready whenever the call comes to press in, step up, and extend themselves out to us.

If there is one thing I have learned in just over a month of fundraising, it’s this: You all are amazing. You all have this capacity to surround others with this incredible grace. And together you are the real thing- this real, in-the-flesh, love-of-God community. You are the ones who step into the gap and let us lean on you.

The Bible tells us that we reap what we sow. Of course, this is a warning as much as celebration. A warning for us to plant good things in order to see a harvest of good things. But it is also a celebration that whenever we plant the grace God has given us, it can grow into something hopeful and powerful and moving and tasting of the love of Jesus. What you have planted for us, oh my goodness, I hope you reap something amazing. I pray that you harvest something incredible. I pray that God blesses you a million times over for stepping up and being the community that turns sorrow and fear and rejection on it’s head, and instead shows us again the constant care of God.

Thank you is not good enough. But until there are better words: “Thank you. We love you. May God (truly) bless you. Thank you.


Since we reached our goal, we have had people ask if they can still give since they had planned to, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Of course!!! But only if you want to… I am just so glad to have you walk with us in whatever you can whether it is reading this blog, sending a note, praying, or thinking about us. But if you still wanted to get in on the fun, the gofundme is still up for the moment. Click here:

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