It’s Days Like These…

April 10, 2014

It’s days like these…
hot and road weary, bad food and good conversations,
painful silences and eyes that see such alarming things,
a heart that beats too hard in my ears 
and the mountainous longings that grow wild sometimes…
It’s days like these…
when the Story gets twisted and the main plot lost,
and the effects like ripples roll out,
and the questions arise in my brain
wondering how to walk through with world once again…
It’s days like these…
when loved ones suffer under self-imposed burdens,
or struggle with the wiles of their surroundings,
or when God seems to play touch and go, 
come and gone in a breath, a moment, popping out and popping back…
It’s days like these…
when I need most to lay down,
watch the sun lower,
feel again the gentle holy hands of love
cradling me close, and holding me up, and rocking me to sleep…
It’s days like these…
when the life of Jesus who is supposed to live in his people seems most defeated 
that I need to hear the real Story,
that love and grace matter more than anything,
stronger and more alive than we may even dare to think…
It’s days like these…
when I am most defeated
that I have to choose to rest and trust in the Truth
that his work is indeed like the gentle one who kneads in the yeast 
and waits in active redemption.


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