Just a Note of Thanks

February 4, 2014

I was honored in the last weeks to have had so many messages and words from you, dear readers. When I started writing, it was because I had suddenly come to a place of being able to put words to experiences that had been wordless for a long time. Slowly, silence had become groans, and groans had become sighs, and sighs had become words. So I wrote them and still write when I can.

I had no idea that others might read those words and be touched by them. So I have been surprised and honored at your words of encouragement to me. Thank you so much! Everyone has a story (or many stories) and to think that our story might in some way inspire you makes us very happy. To think there is a whole community of us who are wrestling with these same questions and thoughts and experiences is a hopeful thought. So thank you… I am overjoyed to have you along for the journey!

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