When We Get to See that Jesus Does Indeed Still Work

September 1, 2013

Today, I encountered a woman who had been upset with me. She had been struggling with a number of people about a situation that felt very unjust. I had been hired in that situation to try to help them sort through the next steps and in the process, this woman had been hurt by some others. Since I was in the role I was, she had blamed me in part of it. And had acted on that anger a few times since the incident.

Today, she sought me out, apologized and allowed for us to have a very good discussion on how the Holy Spirit had been working in her and in what she believes was an unjust situation. Her spirit of forgiveness and understanding and clarity touched me greatly and I was honored to have gotten a glimpse of Jesus in her, even as I know she faces tremendous pressure from those people who side with her in the situation to remain aloof and unforgiving.

What courage!

And what hope. I don’t know if it is me getting older or being a parent or what, but I find myself struggling with cynicism about people some days. While I believe that most people are simply doing the best they can do with their circumstances, I also find myself not expecting much from others. This is a good thing in that I have learned to let people who and what they are rather than try to make them into something that meets my expectations. But the negative side of it is an easy slide in to pessimism about the whole human race.

Yet, Jesus is not pessimistic. At least as I can see. The thing I notice about Jesus is that he fully acknowledges how screwed up we are, and then has this ability to see in us all that he is creating us to become. We are too often too short sighted with ourselves and others. We live like we can only see a foot in front of us, especially when we view others. But having a long view of others helps us to lift our eyes and see that maybe, just maybe, God is still at work in that person, growing something out of the disappointment I feel in him or her.

I like the idea of having a long view of people. It’s the only way I don’t slide in to cynicism  with those around me. I did not expect this woman to come to me today. It was such a surprise. And it was such a gift.

It became a reminder to me that the Holy Spirit is still very active in my life and that Jesus does indeed still work. Hope then is the outcome of such glimpse. And hope causes us to continue on another day, believing that God may not be finished after all- with us, with our families, with our churches and even with our world.

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